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Young Voices at the Ballot Box

A white paper by Vote16USA explaining the steps, reasons, and overview of lowering the voting age.

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Facts & Statistics

Voting Age: Facts and Resources

Statistical and objective information on the positive outcomes of lowering the voting age.

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Movement Info

Learn more about the stance of this movement in NJ, as well as information about what we've done 


Study of Austrian Voters

Observing the effects of other countries who have implemented this policy can help us learn more about its potential outcomes in the US.

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Past Action

New Empowerment Act NJ

A bill introduced in 2018 that permitted 17-year-old individuals to vote in primary elections if they turned 18 by general elections.


The Youth and Voter Turnout

An in-depth analysis of the impressive and increasing youth voter turnout during the 2020 election. 

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